Kids Certificates


JCCCU offers certificates for children with a starting balance of $100.00 and a maximum of $2,500.00.  Funds can be deposited into the certificates in $25.00 or more increments.  You can open a kid’s certificate on a 12-month rate and only one certificate per social security number at a time.


Debit Cards

If you have a checking account at JCCCU, you can possibly qualify to get a Visa debit card.  You can use a debit card just like you would use a credit card, except that it comes out of your checking account just like writing a check would.  You can use it to buy groceries, get gas, and even make purchases and pay bills online.  Debit cards are available on all of our checking accounts, including regular, free and youth checking.

For your protection, almost all debit cards have a purchase limit of $500.00 within a 24 hour period.  This 24 hour period runs from 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  On top of the $500.00 purchase limit, debit users also have access to $300.00 from an ATM within the 24 hour time period.  If you have any questions about your debit card purchase limits, please give us a call.

Direct Deposit

Make JCCCU your primary checking account holder!  When you deposit your payroll check, IRS refund, Social Security income, Retirement income or any other income using your direct deposit through JCCCU, your funds are immediately available for you to use.  Access your funds right when they are deposited with your debit card, a share draft or by just coming in to get cash.


Notary services are available to members at JCCCU at no cost.  Just bring in your paperwork and we’ll make it official!