Privacy Policy

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ONLINE PRIVACY — JCCCU recognizes the importance of maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web for informational and e-commerce purposes in both attracting new members and retaining existing members. For the purpose of this statement, e-commerce is defined as the ability of members to access personal account information and general credit union information, to initiate transactions on your credit union accounts, and to apply for additional credit union products and services online, and to access credit union approved vendor sites to conduct credit union related business.

LINKS WE HAVE FOR NON-JCCCU SITES — JCCCU does have links on our Web site to other vendors and third parties. These links are added to give you opportunities to participate with that vendor or third party to take advantage of their services or products. We cannot guarantee how these third parties use or collect personably identifiable information about you. We urge you to review the privacy policies of each of the linked Web sites you visit. JCCCU requires strict confidentiality from any vendors or third parties we associate with, but cannot control every aspect of their business.

COOKIES — We do not currently use cookies on our website.


JCCCU is committed to protecting the privacy of its members. Members can help by following these simple guidelines:

*Protect your account numbers, plastic card numbers, PINs (personal identification numbers) or passwords. Never keep your PIN with your card, which can provide free access to your accounts if your card is lost or stolen.

*Use caution when disclosing your account numbers, social security numbers, etc. to other persons. If someone calls you explaining the call is on behalf of the credit union and asks for your account number, you should beware. Official credit union staff will have access to your information and will not need to ask for it.