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Dollar Bills

Become a JCCCU Member!

Becoming a member can help boost your financial health and goals.

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One of our goals here at the Jackson County Co-op Credit Union is to be a key contributor to the growth and prosperity of our member community. We stay active in our community in many different ways:

The Jackson County Co-op Credit Union has a Board of Directors consisting of a group of elected officials nominated and voted on by our members. Each member is entitled to a vote which means each member has a voice in the direction of the business.

Each year we award scholarships to select high school seniors and/or college undergraduates to help them further their education and pursue a college degree. All of us here at JCCCU believe that an investment in our youth is an investment in our future.

We also serve as a sponsor and donate to local programs and causes such as:

  • D.A.R.E

  • United Way

  • 4-H

  • Jackson County Book Drive

  • American Legion Ag Day Breakfast

  • Events at area schools

  • Various other programs and causes

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