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Dollar Bills

How we help.    

Our savings account can help boost your financial health and goals.

Benjamin Franklin

If you want to save for your future without having to worry about the safety and security of your money, Jackson County Co-op Credit Union is the perfect place to start.

What you need

Bring Two Forms of ID: 

 - Passport

 - Social Security Card

 - Insurance Card

 - State Identification Card

 - Drivers License

 - Gun Permit

 - Hunting License

There are fees

New Account Fees: 

 - $5: Minimum Deposit Balance

 - $1: New Account Fee

*Call us at (812) 523-1630 for Membership Requirements

Handshake Two People

Business Accounts

Refer to New Member Requirements section above for Personal Information and Acceptable ID.

Corp, LLCs, and Partnerships

Bring These: 

- Proof of Business; EIN/TIN and 1 of the following:

(Registered Articles of Incorporation, a Government Issued Business License, a Business Agreement, Trust, Estate or Legal papers)

- All businesses must fill out a corporate resolution.

More Ways to Save!

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Christmas Club

We also offer a Christmas Club Savings account that is at the same rate of a regular savings account. 


Funds are distributed in October.  There is an early withdrawal fee of $5.00 each time a withdrawal is made before the distribution date.

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Special Savings

A Special Savings account is available for those who want to have another savings account separate from their regular account. 


These accounts are opened under the same account number and pay the same rate as your regular savings.

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Funds Manager

Funds Manager accounts are a great way to earn more dividends on higher balance savings accounts, but still have it available for your use.


Withdrawals one these accounts are limited to 3 per month. After 3 withdrawals, a $25 fee will be charged.

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